Fluke 1736 Three-Phase Power Quality Logger (Basic)

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Key features

The Fluke 1736 Three-phase Power Quality Logger is a versatile, three-phase Fluke Connect-compatible power logger for conducting energy, load and power quality studies.

  • Key measurements: Automatically capture and log voltage, current, power, harmonics and associated power quality values, and capture dips, swells, and inrush currents with event waveform snapshots and high-resolution RMS profiles
  • Convenient instrument powering: Power instrument directly from the measured circuit
  • Energy Analyze Plus application software:Download and analyze every detail of energy consumption and power quality state of health with our automated reporting and use the integrated power quality health summary to get an at-a-glance understanding of system health


Fluke 1736/B Power Logger

Portable Power Logger (excludes current probes)

  • Fluke 1736 instrument
  • Voltage test leads set
  • Alligator clips (4x)
  • Soft case
  • Energy Analyze Plus software
  • Line cords
  • Color coding set
  • USB flash drive