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No change of mind exchanges or refunds issued will be offered for any stock clearance or ex demo itmes sold on www.flukeaustralia.store

Fluke Australia Pty Ltd - Statement of Limited Warranty


Fluke Australia Pty Ltd ACN 086 173 882 (Fluke Australia) warrants that all products manufactured, imported or supplied by Fluke Australia (goods) will be free from defects in workmanship and materials affecting normal use subject to the conditions and limitations provided in this limited warranty. The duration of the warranty on all goods is 6 months from date of purchase. 


The purchaser (you) must contact Fluke Australia's Service agent (agent) regarding any defect claimed under this warranty. If you have purchased goods directly from Fluke Australia then the agent is Fluke Australia's Authorised Service Centre. If you have purchased goods from a reseller then that reseller is the agent. Fluke Australia reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to:

  • Repair or replace defective goods; or
  • Refuse any warranty claims made other than in accordance with this warranty.

At Fluke Australia's request you must return, to the agent, any goods claimed to be defective in accordance with the terms and conditions of this warranty. You are responsible for all transport and insurance costs to send goods to the agent. Fluke Australia will only pay the transport and insurance costs to return goods to you that have been repaired or replaced in accordance with this warranty. You agree to pay all costs, including all repair, freight and insurance costs, for repairs that you request that are not in accordance with this warranty.


Certain conditions, warranties and obligations are implied by Australian law and cannot be excluded or modified (the "statutory warranties"). All warranties expressly given by Fluke Australia in this warranty, other than the statutory warranties, are collectively referred to as "express warranties". Any express warranties are given in addition to and without derogation from the statutory warranties. Other than the express warranties and the statutory warranties, Fluke Australia gives you no warranties, in respect of the goods, whether express or implied by operation of law or otherwise, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, satisfactory quality and/or compliance with description, in respect of any goods manufactured, imported or supplied by Fluke Australia.

The extent of Fluke Australia's liability for a breach of the statutory warranties or express warranties is for the repair or replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods or, at Fluke Australia's sole discretion, the payment of the cost of:

  • Replacing the goods;
  • Acquiring equivalent goods; or
  • Having the goods repaired.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, this warranty does not apply, and Fluke Australia's obligations under this warranty do not extend, to any goods:

  • Purchased by auction;
  • Purchased from, and supplied by, a person, or company, outside of Australia;
  • Howsoever purchased or acquired, for which Fluke Australia is not the Australian manufacturer, importer or supplier, in accordance with the Trade Practices Act 1974; or
  • Manufactured or imported by Fluke Australia that are defective by reason of:
    • An act or default of any person other than Fluke Australia or Fluke Australia's agent; or
    • A cause independent of human control.

The express warranties do not apply, and Fluke Australia's obligations under this warranty do not extend, to:

  • Fuses and disposable batteries supplied with any goods;
  • Adjustments, repairs, alterations or modifications or attempted adjustments, repairs, alterations or modifications to goods, undertaken by you or by a person not authorised by Fluke Australia, outside Fluke Australia's premises, or without written authority from Fluke Australia obtained prior to any such adjustment, repair, alteration or modification;
  • Any damage, fault, malfunction or failure of the goods as a result of normal wear and tear or the neglect, misuse, abuse or failure to properly service goods by you; and
  • Goods if any of Fluke Australia's trade mark, trade name, logo or serial number has been removed or defaced or otherwise does not exist on the relevant goods.

Fluke Australia Pty Ltd - General Warranty Notice

General Warranty Notice »

The terms, conditions and limitations on which Fluke Australia Pty Ltd (Fluke Australia, we or our) warrants its products are set out in Fluke Australia's Statement of Limited Warranty (warranty). Nothing in this Notice adds to or detracts from the warranty. This Notice is provided for information purposes only. Any advice, recommendation, information or assistance provided by Fluke Australia in relation to the warranty is given in good faith and is believed by Fluke Australia to be appropriate and reliable, however, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any advice, recommendation, information, assistance provided by Fluke Australia in relation to the warranty is provided without liability or responsibility on the part of Fluke Australia.


Fluke™ branded products that have not been manufactured by Fluke Australia are occasionally purchased by Australian Consumers (you) from persons or companies located overseas or from Resellers who have purchased these products from persons or companies located overseas without the involvement or consent of Fluke Australia. We refer to these products as "Grey Products". There is, of course, nothing wrong with either you or a Reseller buying products from overseas. Recent advances in the Internet have made it easy for anyone to buy products from online auction sites or from the web sites of overseas sellers. However, there is a problem when it comes to the warranty for these Grey Products.

In recent years we have received an increasing number of requests for service from Consumers who have purchased Grey Products themselves or have purchased Grey Products from a Reseller. Unfortunately these Consumers mistakenly believe that Fluke Australia has an obligation to warrant and provide free repairs for any and all products with the Fluke™ brand on it. This is not correct. The purpose of this Notice is to clarify the circumstances regarding Fluke Australia's warranty obligations and the obligations of those Resellers who buy and then resell Grey Products.


Fluke Australia's obligations regarding product warranties are fully described in Fluke Australia's warranty. Please refer to the warranty for detailed information on the terms, conditions and limitations of Fluke Australia's product warranties. Fluke Australia's warranty will always apply to Fluke™ branded products manufacturer, imported or supplied by Fluke Australia. To assist you to understand how Fluke Australia's warranties relate to Grey Products we note the following:

  1. Our warranty does not apply to any products purchased at auction (whether online or otherwise). If you buy a Fluke Australia product at auction then we do not warrant that product; and
  2. Our warranty does not apply to any Grey Products that you buy yourself or that you buy from a Reseller.

Put simply, this means that if a Reseller buys Fluke™ branded products (that have not been manufactured by Fluke Australia) from overseas and then sells these products in Australia, Fluke Australia is not liable for the warranty on those products. If you choose to buy these Grey Products from a Reseller then any claims that you have relating to defects in those Grey Products should be made to the Reseller who sold you the product. If you choose to buy Grey Products yourself from overseas then you must contact the person who sold you the Grey Products if those products are defective.

Fluke Australia recognises that it is the right of every Consumer to decide who you purchase products from. However, if you choose to purchase Fluke™ branded products from any supplier other than Fluke Australia, or our authorised distributors or resellers who have obtained their products from Fluke Australia, then you may be purchasing a product that is not covered by Fluke Australia's warranty.

If you are unsure of the product that you intend to purchase, or if you would like to know which distributors or resellers stock Fluke™ branded products that come with our warranty, then please refer to the Where to Buy section of our web site at www.fluke.com/en-au.


Repair services

Celemetrix is Fluke Australias Authorised Service Agent and are dedicated to providing the best possible service for both our products and customers. To learn about repair services and replacement parts contact "Celemetrix" on Australia: 1800 256 838 or New Zealand: 0800 425 367.